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Manage your goals and realize your dreams with Goals.io, a goal management app based on Masatoshi Kumagai's book: Realize Your Dreams with One Notebook. Goals.io is your companion to plan for the future, and to record your efforts. It provides 5 types of goals suitable for things from your daily routines to great ambitions.

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You can easily setup to-dos that recur each day, week, or month. Plus, it has a progressive type of goal that is useful to track progress of things like losing weight, or saving money.

It's fun to work with Goals.io. Achieving a goal is as simple as dragging the slider from left to right. It's even possible for you to choose to forfeit a goal.

A picture is worth a thousand words. You can associate photos with a goal. No matter it's a luxury sports car, or her smile, it'll be a great incentive to support your dedication.

Goals.io is available on Apple App Store and Android Market. Contact the author at heshiming@gmail.com. Backup feature is using Dropbox services.


Using GOALS.iO

It's pretty straightforward to use GOALS.iO. Creating a goal is done by filling out a 4-entry small form. The main screen is a list of goals either waiting for you to achieve or for the next available period.

For repeating goals (such as a weekly one), marking it as achieved will conclude the current period. It'll be available for marking again the next period (the next week).

For progressive goals, they will always be available for achieving. Each "achieve" will be marked as a "progress step". When the number reaches the target, it'll be marked as achieved.

The Book

Realize Your Dream with One Notebook by Masatoshi Kumagai is a book about utilizing a simple notebook to record your goals and planning for the times ahead.

Masatoshi Kumagai is the founder of Global Media Online, a listed Internet hosting and communication service company in Japan. He was once a nobody. And he believes that the reason he did eventually own a successful company before the age of 35, among other personal ambitions, is that he recorded his goals in a notebook.

Simply write your goals in a notebook and properly organize it, can keep your ambitions recorded. Constantly reading this notebook will remind you what you should do while keep you motivated.

He mentioned that notebooks can be used beyond daily schedules. Because it's something you carry all the time, it's a better place for you to record things and remind yourself about.

A large portion of this book is about setting goals of the next five years, and break them down into smaller ones that are done daily or weekly. Using the very same notebook to record progresses toward goals and mark them achieved. And the best incentive to keep you motivated, is to attach a photo with the goal.

Goals.io is not just any goal management tool. The author believes that many aspects of the book can make major difference whether a goal is likely to be accomplished. Thus lots of concepts introduced in this book influenced the design of the app rather deeply. Things like repeating pattern, photo attachment, and progressive goal design, have attempted to embrace Masatoshi Kumagai's opinion on how goal organizing should be done.